We Will Remember: New Plaque unveiled at Hanson Lane Memorial Garden

On Wednesday 3rd October, The Mayor of Calderdale unveiled a new plaque remembering the  lives lost, on the 22nd November 1940 during World War II.

During the morning of the 22nd, shortly after 9am, a bomb fell outside 77 Hanson Lane, adjacent to Crossley Terrace.  In a densely-populated area with streets of terraced houses, it did maximum damage. Eleven people were to lose their lives, and ten others needed treatment in hospital. Well over 500 properties were damaged, some being rendered uninhabitable.  Fronts of four houses and shops on Hanson Lane were ripped off, and others severely damaged,  many houses had their roofs blown off.

For the last year the Park Ward Neighbourhood Forum has been working with local historian David Glover on a new plaque to replace the old board that was on display in the memorial garden on Hanson Lane. The memorial garden was created on the site of a small terrace of houses, which was never rebuilt, with the desire it should commemorate those who lost their lives as a result of the 1940 bomb.

Councillor Jenny Lynn and Councillor Mohammed Naeem for Park Ward, welcomed the small gathering which included Mrs Joan Hey who remembers the 1940 bomb incident and has campaigned for a new board through letters to the Courier and Council.

The Mayor had a personal connection to the event,  as his grandfather owned Thompsons Butchers on Hanson Lane, whose 16 year old “butchers boy”   was tragically killed after his shift whilst waiting for the bus home. Councillor Thompson said,

“Its an honour, but its very emotional for me to here today, to remember the lives lost. Its important that we highlight this historical event that caused pain and suffering in Halifax, we were fortunate that this was the only one of its kind in Calderdale during the war. I would like to thank the forum again for there hard work.”

The Park Neighbourhood forum are now currently working on a new information board for the Gibbet as well as supporting the Park Heritage Festival, which saw 3 walks take place over the summer with nearly 100 people attending. The walks take in the wealth and depth of history encased within this square mile of Halifax.

We would like to thank all that attended and a special thanks to David Glover for his time and dedication towards this project.