Useful phone numbers

Calderdale Council contact numbers

  • Emergency living support
    Telephone 01422 288005.
  • Finance
    Council Tax, Business Rates. Telephone 01422 288003.
  • General enquiries
    Community safety, environmental health eg. noise, pests; fostering, parking. Telephone 01422 288001.
  • Street care
    Graffiti, highway maintenance / cleaning, household waste and recycling. Telephone 01422 288002.
  • Calderdale Out of hours emergency number  01422 288000.

Citizen’s Advice Bureau (CAB) 01422 842 848

Crisis Pregnancy Care 01422 357589 / 07527 375986

Tax Credits 0845 300 3900

Jobcentre  Plus (new claim) 0800 055 6688

Disability Living Allowance & Attendance Allowance 0845 712 3456

Child Benefit 0845 302 1444

Pension Credit 0800 731 7898

Gas Supplier enquiry line 0870 608 1524

Electricity supplier 0845 330 0889

TV Licence 0300 790 6131

Families Information Service (FIS) 01422 253 053

NHS Direct 0845 46 47

Police (Non-emergency) 101

Crimestoppers 0800 555 111

Environment Agency

3 thoughts on “Useful phone numbers

  1. I need to report All Stars Deserts, Sowerby Bridge to environmental health. I took my children today and commented that we needed the table wiping down straight away (12:30 so was probably from the night before). Luckily my youngest needed the toilet before we ordered, wow, I haven’t seen a toilet in such a state! I had just seen a member of staff coming out and went straight in after them. The toilet bowl had brown stains all down it, it had not been flushed at the seat was wet, I wiped it with a tiny bit of tissue thinking it would be wet from someone’s hands turns out it was sticky with a yellow/brown colour… To top it off there was no soap! Needless to say we walked straight out and will never eat there. I was absolutely disgusted and think they need a visit to check the other areas, if they are nit washing hand after going to the toilet then I dread to think what the kitchen area is like!


  2. Hi I need some one to come and visit my property I live in a private landlords house and at the moment I can’t keep my house warm I’ve yold my landlords about my boiler and a few other repairs and I can’t get her to fix em I really need someone to come out to see if the house his suitable because it’s been like it since moved in wiv some of the repairs and I have copd and cyatica and now they have found some lumps and I have my eldest daughter and my granddaughter ere too at moment and I have a few leaks to thanks miss ramsden


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