SOBS: Sick of being skint?…

Are you aged 16-24 & sick of being skint?

Do you need some friendly advice to help you to manage your money and live independently?

SOBS – Sick of Being Skint

Who are we?

The SOBS team work with 16-24 year olds who live in Calderdale and are eithethr; existing Pennine Housing tenants, about to become Pennine Housing tenants or are registered on the Keychoice system. We are based at Pennine Housing and are funded by The Big Lottery. We are currently funded until March 2017.

What’s our aim?

  • We want to make sure that young people have the support they need to get a tenancy and to settle down in their tenancy
  • We want to reduce the number of young people who get in to debt and end up losing their tenancy
  • We want to give young people the confidence to manage their own money for the rest of their lives

How do we do it?
Through confidential one to one appointments and training sessions tailored to the needs of the group.

For more information you can contact us in one of the following ways:
T: 0300 555 5574

Find us on Facebook and Twitter:  @SOBS_UK