Go fund me: Demi’s dystonia story…

Demi Bland from Elland was a happy and healthy little girl then in November 2012 6008559_1442259844_2428  everything changed, From what started out as a sore throat it developed into a life threatening brain infection, causing damage to her basal ganglia, the part of the brain that affects mood, communication and movement. At the age of 9 years old Demi was diagnosed with Dystonia

Dystonia causes uncontrollable muscle spasms due to incorrect signals from the brain.  It affects at least 70,000 people in the UK, 8,000 of these are children and young people like Demi.  Dystonia also results in abnormal postures and movements, alongside tremors and can sometimes be very painful.

Demi now needs 24 hour care and is confined to a wheelchair, all of which costs a lot of money. A fund has been set up to help raise the money for specialist equipment needed to help make Demi’s life easier. Demi needs a special bath not just for her personal hygiene but mostly for relief from the terrible pain she suffers from her dystonia – warm water relieves and  relaxes her muscles and helps with the spasms

A rise and fall bath is about £11k but Demi will also need additional supports with hoisting etcto hold her in the bath. To donate and find out more please go to: www.gofundme.com/ja458ugc. Thank you for your support

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