Ever thought about Timebanking: Q&A session on 22 May 2014…

Timebanking Leaflet GP

Just in case you haven’t heard about timebanking…
• Timebanking can work for all sorts of groups and communities, a single street or a whole town; established groups, businesses or new groups; people who directly know each other and those that don’t.
• Members can trade skills including light house work, gardening, pet sitting or care, driving and giving lifts, being there for a cup of tea and a chat, or teaching skills such as art, photography, knitting, languages, cooking and computer skills.
• Everyone puts their skills and time into a joint pot and swaps and borrows, with someone keeping track of who does what. For every hour’s help a member gives (e.g. guitar lesson, gardening, CV writing, dog walking), they receive one time credit which they can spend on receiving help from another member (e.g. fixing a bike, setting up a Wi-Fi connection, hanging some wallpaper, baking fresh bread). Credits can even be donated to a local good cause, and timebanking can be used to complement current volunteering schemes.
• You can go into credit or into debt, but ultimately it’s about give and take and getting things done. It’s a way to reward people for co-operating, caring and sharing, and by strengthening the bonds between individuals, families and neighbourhoods’, timebanking can help to develop a sense of community.
• Everyone has something to offer no matter what their age, physical ability or education, everyone’s time is valued at the same rate, and no money changes hands at any point so it doesn’t affect anyone receiving benefit.

This session will include essential timebanking information including:
Ø What is timebanking?
Ø How does it work?
Ø Who can benefit and how?
Ø What do you need to consider when thinking about setting up a time bank or incorporating timebanking within an organisation?
Ø How does organisational timebanking work?
Ø An overview of the NEW timebanking software.
There will also be plenty of time for questions and the opportunity to network with other groups and organisations that are interested in developing this approach.

To book a place at the event please contact Olivia Swingler, olivia@nbforum.org.uk, 01422 345174, places are limited so don’t delay, and please circulate this information through your networks.
In the meantime if you have any queries about the event please contact Jo Budgen, 01422 385067, 07791 060614, jo@nbforum.org.uk , or take a look at the Timebanking UK website for more information about timebanking: http://www.timebanking.org/about/
Kind Regards

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