A New Hub of Opportunity for Young People Launches at The Cooking School Café at Orangebox

CS_XMAS_241 CourierThe Cooking School at Dean Clough and Orangebox have teamed up to launch a new café at Orangebox young people’s centre in Halifax. But this is no ordinary café. It’s a hub of opportunities for young people who aspire to a career in catering or hospitality – through offering employment, work experience and paid apprenticeships.

Much like The Chefs’ School at the Viaduct Café, based at Dean Clough (also run by The Cooking School at Dean Clough), the café serves healthy, seasonal meals made from scratch and served by young people under the guidance of inspirational chef tutors.

Young people are key players behind the scenes too – the café has a Food Forum who will be the key decision makers when it comes to menus, marketing, events and ethos. In fact, one young Orangebox member is has designed the café’s logo.

The partnership between Orangebox and The Cooking School at Dean Clough is exciting for everyone involved. As a leading professional chef and front of house apprenticeship provider, The Cooking School is passionate about helping young people start careers in hospitality and catering and giving chances to those people who need it most.

With a presence at Orangebox, it is hoped that more and more local young people will seize the great training and employment opportunities that are now available in Calderdale.

Ruth Robinson, Managing Director of The Dean Clough Foundation that heads up The Cooking School at Dean Clough said “I am thrilled that The Cooking School is working with Orangebox and is able to offer young people an opportunity to develop real skills, supported by our experienced chefs tutors. As soon as I stepped foot inside the inspiring building and understood what Orangebox was all about, I knew they were the perfect match for us. Together we are aiming to inspire young people and provide opportunities for them. A fantastic partnership!”

But this partnership is not only positive for employability, it is also good for the health of our town. Learning to cook is an essential skill for healthy lives, and the food that the café serves is low in cost and high in nutrition.

The Cooking School Café at Orangebox is open to members of the public to have lunch, a delicious snack, as well as offering a range of healthy, wholesome buffets for meetings.

As a special launch treat, The Cooking School at Orangebox is offering all customers a free homemade mince pie throughout December, when they purchase a drink.

To find out more visit www.thecookingschool.co.uk

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