The Accessible Calderdale Project

Accessible Calderdale Disability Access Forum

  • Do you have lived experience of disabilities?
  • Do you want to make a difference in Calderdale?
  • Do you want to be involved in making Calderdale an accessible and inclusive place to live, work and visit?

If so, come and join our focus groups and have a voice around issues that have an impact on your life.  Your experiences & views count!

The Accessible Calderdale Project aims to develop and improve access and inclusion in Calderdale.  We are looking for people from the disabled community who want to join our focus groups and have a voice around the issues that impact them.

All members of our group have a wide range of impairments and disabilities, or are family carers, and everyone has an equal voice.

Coming together over the pandemic on Zoom has given us a way of finding solutions together, supporting each other at the same time, and inviting disabled people in other areas who are leading on similar work.  We work on local and national consultations, and run regular focus groups.

All groups meet regularly and we are looking forward to the time when we can meet face to face again!  Our members tell us how much they value meeting other people in a similar situation.

Here’s an overview of our current focus groups:

Accessible Countryside, Parks and Green Spaces

If you are passionate about improving the access to our wonderful countryside, parks and greenspaces join our Accessible Countryside Group.  Being active and getting out and about is increasingly important to mental and physical health. 


If you want to improve local transport, buses, trains, taxis and getting around our area we have a Transport Group that meets every other month.  We work with the licensing department and the local council.  We know that getting around is key to coming out of lockdown.

Health & Well-Being

We all know how important our health and well-being is specially our mental health.   Our new Health and Well Being group is looking at issues faced by disabled people in accessing the right health care.  Already we have fed into a national piece of work and are linking in with local services and organisations.

Tourism Stakeholder Group

We lead on the Tourism Stakeholder group in Calderdale and feedback the voice of disabled people into improving access for people who live, work, study and visit our area.  We have made visits to review places of interest like Shibden Hall and will be visiting Hardcastle Craggs and the Piece Hall over the next few months, so do come and join us to discuss access with their relevant staff team.

ACDAF Sports is led by young disabled people who believe in keeping active and healthy.  They are very interested in developing new sports into Calderdale and they are currently involved in setting up a Boccia Group with Yorkshire Sports Foundation.  

For more information on how to get involved do get in touch with Lorraine, at  or  

Or Call   07596 70 77 95