A new green space for Queens Road Neighbourhood Centre

The Rotary Club of Halifax was formed in 1922. From early days the club has been at the centre of supporting local, national and international programmes that range from clearing litter from local beauty spots, planting flower beds to enhance the appearance of the town; supporting local young people in developing their leadership abilities and showcasing their talents in music, technology and culinary skills; joining with other clubs around the world to provide clean water and effective sanitation, medical care and education programmes.

The club will be celebrating its centenary in 2022 and it has chosen to mark this occasion by working together with Halifax Central Initiative and the local community on a project to build and create a new community garden within the grounds of Queens Road Neighbourhood Centre which lies in the centre of Park Ward.

Would you like to get involved in this project to create and maintain an attractive green space with plants, seating and a children’s play area at Queens Road Neighbourhood Centre? We want local people to be at the heart of the project and to be fully invested in its design, build and maintenance.

If you would like more information please contact Shebana Sadiq, email shebana.sadiq@calderdale.gov.uk

2 thoughts on “A new green space for Queens Road Neighbourhood Centre

  1. Wow, this will be brilliant Shebana.

    I hope you are well. Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year to you and your team.

    Love Paul x


    • Thank you Paul.

      I’ll pass on your message to Shebana as she doesn’t actually deal with the blog stuff and wont’ see this.



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