National Link Worker Day 2020 – Friday October 9th – Virtual Calderdale Services Awareness Event

In this difficult year many things have been cancelled or changed and charities and services have struggled.

As there has been little chance for awareness raising and fundraising we wanted to do an online Calderdale organisations and services awareness day to coincide with Link Worker Day.

On our Social Media platforms we would like to dedicate the day to showcase what support is available to the community in Calderdale.

We will also increase understanding of Social Prescribing Link Worker and Care Coordinator roles.

How it will work:

  • We are asking for short videos, maximum 2 minutes long, from organisations showcasing what they do, perhaps how they have adapted to the pandemic.
    • 2 minutes may sound short but we are dictated by twitter, it is an opportunity to be creative.
  • We will be posting videos on our social media throughout Link Worker day with contact details for services.
  • We intend to advertise the event widely as an opportunity for people to learn what is available in Calderdale and what services do and how they have adapted.
  • We have up to 50 slots which will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.
  • Slots are available to any organisation or service which supports the community, this can include charities, not for profits, local groups, statutory and health care services. We will not be advertising businesses.
  • The deadline for submissions is Thursday September 10th.
  • Please send submissions and contact details to

Contact Joanne Duffy on the details below for more information.

Joanne Duffy | Senior Social Prescribing Link Worker | Central PCN Calderdale
Mobile: 07367828522 | Website