The Food Bank needs your help!

Some of you generous people have previously donated food to the food bank run at Better Lives, thank you very much for your support. The people of Calderdale, in dreadful situations, are very grateful. However, supplies are getting low again.

If anyone could donate any suitable items it would be much appreciated. Items that are well used and that we have run out of are:

  • packets of pasta ‘n’ sauce
  • pot noodles
  • tinned spam
  • tinned pies
  • tinned chicken
  • tinned stew
  • tinned meat
  • soup
  • cereal
  • UHT milk

Drop in to us at 42 Market Street, Halifax between 10.00am and 4.00pm (Mon, Tues, Fri) or we can collect if need be. (Please note we have lots of baked beans, tinned veg, tinned potatoes, tinned kidney beans and chickpeas).