Calderdale PREVENT: identify, support and respond…

PREVENT is part of the UK’s counter terrorism strategy. It aims to prevent people from supporting violent extremism and terrorism in all its forms.

We want all members of the community of Calderdale to feel safe from extremism and terrorism. We want communities and professionals to have the ability to recognise and identify extremist views and have the confidence to challenge these views in a way that does not undermine the principle of free speech, but balances this with the principles of our shared values.

We want to make sure that all specified authorities have the mechanisms and structures in place to identify and support those vulnerable to extremism and to deal with concerns around terrorism swiftly and safely.

Preventing violent extremism is one of the “4 Ps” within the Government’s strategy for countering violent extremism, known as CONTEST:

  • Prevent: stopping people becoming terrorists or supporting violent extremism.
  • Pursue: stopping terrorist attacks.
  • Protect: strengthening protection against terrorist attacks.
  • Prepare: where an attack cannot be stopped, mitigating its impact

The current PREVENT strategy is made up of three key objectives:

  • to respond to the ideological challenge of terrorism and of those extremist views conducive to it;
  • to prevent vulnerable people from being drawn into terrorism and ensure that they are given appropriate advice and support; and
  • work with sectors and institutions where there are either risks of radicalisation or opportunities to prevent it – or both. This includes education, faith, health, charities, prisons and probation.

Calderdale PREVENT Community Reference Group.

The Calderdale Prevent Community Reference Group (CPCRG) is a community-led group consisting of organisations/individuals from across Calderdale. The purpose of the CPCRG is to allow the community of Calderdale to share ideas, discuss issues of concerns and have a voice on how PREVENT is delivered within Calderdale. They have an overview of how projects are delivered and can make direct recommendations to the CONTEST Board and are represented on the PREVENT Delivery Group.

We don’t ask for you to agree with Prevent to join the group, we just ask for you to engage constructively and tell us how to improve.

Information for the Community Reference Group meetings for 2016:

  •  21st July 2016 12pm-1pm at Halifax Library
  • 22nd September 2016 12pm-1pm At Halifax Library
  • 17th November 2016-12pm-1pm-Venue to be confirmed.

If you would like further information about the Calderdale Prevent Community Reference Group (CPCRG), then please contact; Sadia Hussain (PREVENT Coordinator) via email: or