It’s Ye Olde Half Terme at Eureka!

Travel Back in Time with us…

Ever wondered what life was like in th’olden times? From Saturday 28 May until Sunday 5 June we’ll be meeting some really old people – like, HUNDREDS of years old (though you’d never guess by looking at them):d50e4f0b-268a-4a9c-8a09-5ce5abf0364b

  • What did Florence Nightingale realise that revolutionised nursing and saved countless lives?
  • Dr Robert Liston was a dangerous man to be around if you were ill: He LOVED performing operations in as fast a time as possible!
  • Meet wise woman Ursula Kemp from Essex (before the days of TOWIE) who prescribed some icky treatments for sickness: stuff like leeches and spiders…
  • Why did Archimedes shout “Eureka!” and what things did he invent?

Plus, from 2 – 4 June we’ll meet Bjarni Thorvaldrson and learn about the Viking way of life! We’re open from 10am – 5pm every day over half term, so book your tickets online and step back in time with