Dance Movement Psychotherapy with Heath Stroke Club

Picture1Dance Movement Psychotherapy

Dance Movement Psychotherapy is aimed at increasing wellbeing by providing opportunities for people affected by stroke and physical disabilities to engage physically, socially and emotionally through movement and dance.

Movement has therapeutic benefits, is a form of release and a means of self-expression. Using simple movements to music allows people to express something of their individuality.

Working with dance, movement and music, we are not relying on short-term memory or language skills but are focusing on your strengths, feelings and continuing abilities.

Some of our popular themes for sessions include:

Family & Friends     Music       Pets         Work life         Holidays

For information about the project and to book onto our free taster sessions then please contact:

Amanda Parsons-Hulse MA RDMP on 07742 820766 or Heath Stroke Club Care Services on 01422 330320

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