12 Young Men Make a Difference in Calderdale…

Queens 112 Young Men were presented their Queens Badge Awards in Leeds on Wednesday 9th July at St George’s Crypt Church.

Her Majesty was represented by the Deputy Lord Lieutenant Major Stan Hardy TD DL (Rtd) who spoke very highly of the Fantastic Work that the Boys’ Brigade and other Uniformed Youth Organisations carry out week by week with Children and Young People.

The Presentation was attended by a large number of parents and supporters of the 12 lads which included a large number of Boys’ Brigade Officers.All together there were 34 Young People who were being presented their Queens Badge Awards from throughout the Yorkshire and Humberside District of The Boys’ Brigade.

Peter Whitaker, the District Chaplain was also at the presentation and who also spoke highly of the hard work that the Young Members had put in, along with the large amount of encouragement that the Parents had played to help them gain their Awards.

Queens 2Each of the Young People had a different story to tell. Brandon Cope and Lance Crabtree had both learned Life Saving Skills whilst Martyn Crowther and Joe Marshall had volunteered at the Food and Support Drop in Centre in Halifax. Marcus Stapley had gained a new skill of being a football referee where as John Payne had received a citizenship Award from David Cameron.

Ron Hardy spoke about the hard work the Young People had done and that he was sure that they would continue to do great things in the future.

George Bowers MBE of the 20th Halifax Boys’ Brigade spoke about the Queens Badge.

For the Queens Badge the candidates have to complete 30 Hours volunteering within their own Boys’ Brigade Company, they have to develop a skill, they are encouraged to follow a physical interest or they are able to take part in an expedition.

For a Teenager to fit all this in, along with their school / College Work, maintain a part time job is remarkable – almost unbelievable, but these lads have managed it!


George was there watching 8 of his lads gain their Awards. He added that it was one of the highlights of his time in The Boys’ Brigade. For those of you who have heard of George will know that he’s been a member of the Boys’ Brigade for a very long time!

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