Halifax Boys’ Brigade Enjoys Sun and Success at Charity Gala!

???????????rThe Halifax Boys’ Brigade is now relaxing after a hard days work at the Halifax Charity Gala. The 12 Boys’ Brigade Companies (Groups) worked together to raise much needed cash at the Charity Gala in Manor Heath on Saturday 8th June.

The Halifax Boys’ Brigade, Girls’ Brigade band played along the procession through the streets of Halifax. They played a mixture of tunes from their favourite – Hot Hot Hot to some new pieces like soal Bossa Nova. The Band could be seen a mile off with their Brand New Sparkling Blue Premier Drums.

Shortly behind the Band was the Halifax Boys’ Brigade float, filled with lads from the 4th Halifax Boys’ Brigade – based at Carlton. The Halifax BB float came under risk early on in the week when they found out that they wouldn’t be able to borrow the Lorry they had hoped. Thankfully Alex Brownridge from TAG Tool Hire came to the rescue. Alex is an Officer at the 18th Halifax Boys’ Brigade – based in Boothtown and he offered the use of one of his works vans for the day.

The lads on the float had decided to wear onzies, they may have regretted the choice later on that day as temperatures carried on rising, but they looked to be having loads of fun, and they certainly enjoyed themselves.

At the Gala field the BB Marquee was up and ready serving drinks and buns and allowed people to sit in the shade or on the front in the sun if they wished to do so.  One of the best attractions of the Halifax Gala was the ‘BB Burgers’. They are known by everyone to be the best the Gala offers, the meat coming from Keelham Farm shop. There were a team of helpers cooking the burgers and dishing them up to people and the cue never seemed to stop!

Around the corner there was the Penalty Shoot out being run by Officers from the 12th Halifax Boys’ Brigade Company, who are based up in Highroad Well who also helped to run the Coco nut shy.Towards the end of the day it was revealed that the Boys’ Brigade Float had been awarded third prize and even better news than that, all the hard work had paid off and the Halifax Boys’ Brigade had raised over £2000.

Robert Batty said “it was really important that we raised a great deal of money. This year we are hosting the National Boys’ Brigade Athletics Competition at Spring Hall in July. The money we raised at the Gala will help ensure that we have enough funds to make it work”. He continued to add that prices are slowly creeping up. We’ve just had had a Swimming Gala at Halifax Swimming Pool that has cost us nearly £400! We can’t just scrap the events because they are what the Lads love to get involved in! Thankfully we can relax a little.

The Halifax Boys’ Brigade would like to thank TAG Tool Hire once again for allowing them the use of the Van, and also thank everyone who supported us at the Gala and we hope to see you all again next year!

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