Staying Well is here for you

January is a hard time for many of us and as we face our 3rd National Lockdown people may be struggling more than ever. As dark nights and shivery mornings become the norm Staying Well want to reiterate that no one needs to feel alone at this time.

Just like Michael
Michael is in his late 80s and approached Staying Well earlier this year as the groups he attends had closed and he was feeling quite isolated. He spent most of his career in the Army or similar endeavours and regularly enjoys talking about his experiences. Michael has family but because of COVID has spent most of his time on his own this year. Michael has been getting regular calls from our workers this year and appreciates this contact. Particularly talking to someone who has spent time with the military, as there’s a commonality. Michael misses his normal groups and looks forward to them reopening but for now Staying Well is a needed and friendly ear.

How the Staying Well team can help you too – Telephone Befriending Service

The Staying Well Hub Team are here to listen to your concerns and help you make sense of what is happening. Whatever you are dealing with, we would like to hear from you because help is always at hand.

We can offer assistance in a variety of different languages, please enquire to see how we can assist.

Referrals can be made over the telephone or you can visit the Staying Well website to fill out the referral form.

Individuals can refer themselves. In order to refer someone you will need their consent.

Contact us on 01422 392767 if you, or someone you know is isolated or vulnerable,
or if you are a community group and would like some advice.
Email: stayingwellproject
Find us on Facebook: @StayingWellCalderdale

For more information visit the Staying Well Telephone Befriending service page