Time Out – Listening Line

Whilst we are in a period of lockdown, the work that Time Out was doing in schools has time out logobeen put on hold. During this time we recognise that there are still children and young people in Calderdale who need support in this time of uncertainty.

In order to try and support some of these young people we are piloting a weekly phone line every Wednesday from 1pm-4pm.

The idea is that the Listening Line will give young people the opportunity to get some simple advice and guidance about how to keep busy and reduce their anxiety about the current situation.

The Listening Line is not counselling, nor is it for young people who are in crisis and who need a more in-depth assessment and intervention. We are hopeful that this additional service will act as prevention and reduce the need for more intensive support at a later date.

healthymindsHealthy Minds Children’s Safeguarding Lead is working on the service, as well as the Time Out Team Leader.

We have a clear referral pathway to follow for any concerns. We are working alongside the Open Minds Partnership (CAMHS) First Point of Contact to ensure that any mental health concerns are addressed, and will signpost/refer to other services where appropriate.

If you have any questions about this please contact  Tara  or Peter on tara@healthymindscalderdale.co.uk or peter@healthymindscalderdale.co.uk

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