Do you own a property in Park ward that is sitting empty? Are you missing out on potential rental or sales income? Why pay double council tax, when you can bring it back into use or sell it!HOT-logo-150x150

Three local charities have come together to offer home owners a choice of options to help bring their properties back into use to help with the local housing shortage and make Park ward an even better place to live.

  • Option 1: Refurbish your house and sell or let it out yourselfcanopy-housing

Happydays operates a trusted building and renovation service. Why not contact them to get a quote for refurbishment of your property. You can then let it out to private tenants (Calderdale council can advise on how to do this).

  • Option 2: Refurbish your house and let it via Happy Days or happy-daysCanopy

Happydays will refurbish your property and then you can let your house to Happydays or Canopy who will sub-let to tenants with whom who they have an on-going and supportive relationship, to ensure your property is well maintained and has a high occupancy rate. If you lease the property to us, you can spread the cost of refurbishment over time.

  • Option 3: Sell your house to us!

We are also interested in buying property in Park ward, to refurbish and bring back into use to provide rented accommodation for local people. Because we are charities that care about the local community, we will pay a fair market rate and can support you through the sales process.

The charities involved with this project are keen to see empty properties brought back into use for local people in Halifax. Information about Halifax Opportunities Trust, Happydays and Canopy can be found on their websites or on the Charity Commission website, so you can have complete assurance about their charitable purposes and their existing work in local communities.

Please email: Jason.bell@regen.org.uk or call 01422 399400.

Halifax Opportunities Trust: http://www.regen.org.uk

Happydays: http://www.happydaysuk.org

Canopy: http://www.canopyhousing.org