Tackling Speeding in Shelf!

On Wednesday 7th November  Neighbourhood Community Wardens Lee Ackroyd from North & East  and Jonny Cato from Halifax Central, supported by Neighbourhood Police Team PCSO Georgia Boyle, took part in a speed check operation in Shelf after concerns raised from local residents about the speed of vehicles and anti-social driving along Cooper Lane. shelf

Using a speed gun, the Community Wardens recorded vehicles speeds passing both ways on the road. A total of 120 cars were recorded with an average speed of 29.4mph being recorded but there were 47 vehicles logged as travelling over 30mph with a top speed recorded of 43mph. Residents were pleased see to see action being taken, and their concerns listened to.

Speeding cars is a borough wide problem and our wardens and NPT teams are happy to carry out checks where needed. The information was passed on to the community safety team to record and action.

The Council also possesses SID (speed indicative device) which can also be used to tackle road safety and record speeds. If you would like our teams to come out and do speed checks please get in touch by calling HCI on 01422 365948 or email hci@calderdale.gov.uk