Our Communities Award 2017: Young People of the Year – WINNER ANNOUNCED!

WINNER: Pegasus Students

The Pegasus students are also Year 10 Form Representatives and part of the Student Council. The amount of time and effort they put into improving the school community and involving all students in school life is commendable yet they still complete their academic responsibilities and maintain deadlines.

Saniyah and Hashim chair the student council which consists of students from Year 7-10. This group generally teach the younger members how to organise charity events, prepare power points for Assemblies and overcome nerves and fears of presenting to large numbers of students and staff. They have also chosen the Forget me Not Children’s Hospice Charity for this year’s charity and have already raised £400, with a goal of £1000.00 by the end of May.

The sports captains are responsible for extracurricular activities, but they wanted to do more for the school community and that is why they wanted to be nominated for the student council and tutor rep role.

I have been teaching many years, but have never come across a group of young students so motivated and enthusiastic, and most importantly willing to help wherever and whenever they are needed. They never refuse; they give up their break and lunch times to create presentations on tolerance, compassion and giving to those in need.

These students have recently organised a break time tuck shop for the whole school, in which they have gone after school and bought the treats to be sold and worked out how they can make a profit to increase the amount for the charity.

These students are a fantastic group of teenagers who set a good social and moral model to all other students and I personally believe dedication and motivation to improve our community, engage other students, and to be a positive role model needs recognition.