Our Communities Award 2017: Young People of the Year – WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Evie 2WINNER: Young Person of the Year

Evie is following on her mum’s footsteps by supporting and fundraising for our local cancer hospice. She is passionate in her fundraising and sets a fantastic example for children and adults alike. She is an outstanding caring child. This remarkable young lady has raised a considerable amount for ‘Overgate Hospice’ by sponsoring herself for different events!

Evie is one of the most selfless individuals you will ever meet. She thrives on helping others and raising money for charity is always at the forefront of her little mind and is an inspiration to others of her age.

Evie has raised over £3000 for Overgate over the past 3 – 4 years.  She has dedicated her time without question to push herself to raise as much money as she can. She is often seen at RSA collecting money for Overgate or seeking sponsorship for her latest adventure. Evie always has a smile on her face and is a pleasure to talk to, she is passionate about what she is doing and why.  Some of her fund raising tasks included a sponsored silence ( which for Evie was very difficult!). She has also taken on a junior tough mudder, car wash and sponsored swim.

Evie lost her grandma 4 years ago and has since completed many fundraising activities starting in 2013 with a solo sponsored swim at Halifax swimming pool on the anniversary of losing our grandma. Swimming a whopping 18x 25m lengths on her own and unaided in 30 minutes, Evie raised in excess of £600.

Since then Evie has helped with bucket collections and has continued to have an annual fundraising day to remember grandma. Evie takes it all in her stride, her solo fundraising efforts alone have raised almost £3000. She’s known at Overgate for her happy smile, positive attitude and willingness to help. She’s the face of Overgate appearing on their posters advertising their ‘heroes’ campaign.

A well deserved recipient of Young Person of the Year.