Sowerby Bridge annual Rush-Bearing festival this September…

Rushbearing Festival is held on the following dates:

Come along for two days of Rush-related tradition and tomfoolery! The Rushbearing Festival is the only one of its kind in Yorkshire. sowerby_bridge_rushbearing_700

Over the course of the weekend, the festival sees the progress of the Rushbearing procession around seven towns and villages, visiting many churches and local hostelries along the way. the focal point of the procession is the sixteen feet high, two-wheeled handsomely decorated and thatched rushcart.

A team of young ladies take turns to ride on top of the cart as it is pulled by sixty local men dressed in Panama hats, white shirts, black trousers and clogs. Accompanying them are a group of supporters in Edwardian dress along with some of the region’s finest musicians and morris dancing teams to provide entertainment for the crowds.

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