Youth Event #growyourfuture…

 4 November 3-6pm Orange Box

As part of our partnership  work on welfare reform and financial resilience Calderdale Council are hosting an event on 4 November 3 – 6pm at the Orange Box as part of the #growyourfuture programme aimed at 16 to 25 year olds who may be affected by planned changes to benefits.  The event will have market stalls from range of council services and partner organisations who will able to advise and support young people on financial management, looking for jobs, volunteering opprtunities, housing and other issues like mental health.  The response from partners across Calderdale could not have been greater, but we need young people to attend. 115 Housing Benefit claimants who may be effected by the most recent welfare changes have been written to directly, but we want to roll this out to everyone in Calderdale aged between 16 – 24. Please encourage your clients to come, ask your staff and volunteers to promote this event whenever they can and get as many youths to attend as you possibly can. We can also provide posters!  If you would like to know more or get involved contact

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