International Alexander Technique Awareness Week 12-18 October

Clients of all ages learn Alexander Technique for Wide ranging benefits

The Alexander Technique helps millions of people across the world to naturally overcome:

  • Back, neck and joint pain
  • Muscle tension and stiffness
  • Poor posture
  • Breathing and vocal problems
  • Anxiety and stress-related conditions

The £750,000 Independent clinical trial funded by the NHS. proved that most participants had a significant reduction in chronic low back pain after 6 sessions with a Registered Alexander Technique Teacher. After 24 sessions, most participants went from 21 days a month in pain to just 3. The results were long term, with improved functioning and quality of life. There were no adverse effects.

BUPA has funded a small trial on knee osteoarthritis with excellent results, so more funding is being sought for a larger trial.

We are awaiting the results of the £720,000 clinical trial on chronic neck pain funded by Arthritis Research UK.

People use the Technique to:

  • Improve performance and prevent injury in music, drama and sport
  • Enhance business and presentation skills
  • Develop ease and elegance in movement
  • Support pregnancy and childbirth
  • Improve balance, stability and coordination

…or simply because they want to change conditions that stop them enjoying a happy, healthy life.

The Alexander Technique is a skill for self-development teaching you to change long-standing habits that cause unnecessary tension in everything you do.

Whatever your age or ability, the Technique can help boost your performance in any activity and relieve the pain and stress caused by postural habits, like slouching or rounded shoulders.

Everyday things like tensing when the phone rings, rushing to pick up the children from school or worrying about deadlines lead to physical and mental strain. Over the years, this accumulates and can cause illness, injury or common aches and pains that may seem to come from nowhere.

Working with your teacher, you will learn to recognise your usual reactions to the stresses of life. You will find out how you have been contributing to your problems, how to prevent them and regain control.

As part of the event, Olwen Edwards MSTAT of EndBackPain.Today , based in The Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre is offering 10 half price introductory session to be taken during 12th and 18th October. The 10 places on a first to book basis, are for people new to the Technique, Call Olwen on 07759 804169 to enquire.