Raising awareness of Domestic Servitude in West Yorkshire

The real-life story of a survivor of domestic servitude has become the inspiration behind a new online animation aimed at the communities of West Yorkshire.

Launched on 30/07/21  to coincide with UN World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, it highlights the signs, raises awareness and encourages reporting of this hidden crime.

We have worked with WYCA, MSOIC and Hope for Justice on this.

View the video here:

Domestic Servitude Survivor Story Inspires Online Animation | West Yorkshire Police The video is also translated into Urdu, Punjabi and Bengali.

Domestic servitude typically involves victims working in a private family home where they are ill-treated, humiliated, subjected to unbearable conditions or working hours and made to work for little or no pay.

The team from the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Hope for Justice, West Yorkshire Police and the Modern Slavery Organised Immigration Crime Programme have collaborated with locally based Fettle Animation to develop the content, which follows the journey of a young woman moving from her home country to the UK.

The victim could be used by their own family members or partner, who often use their position of power as control, making threats or even withholding a passport.

With the anonymised animation depicting the actual experience of a survivor, it has a very strong emotional connection, which we hope will both confront the issue head on and prompt greater reporting.

Over the last two years, there has been a specific increase in reports of domestic servitude within West Yorkshire, indicating women from Pakistan and Bangladesh are being brought to the UK and exploited in domestic homes. As well as English, the animation has therefore been translated into Urdu, Punjabi and Bengali with subtitles.

To find out more, report or get support, visit https://www.westyorks-ca.gov.uk/policing-and-crime/domestic-servitude-animation