Calderdale’s Running Aunties

The Running Aunties is a running and walking group aimed at women of colour. Bernadette, Tahreen, and Shanaz share their stories of getting started and creating a group to support other women. Read their blog here

We want to encourage more women to run outside and to feel good about themselves. That’s what our goal is for the group. But the most important thing is that we enjoy what we do. We felt like we needed to set up our own group, and empower more women to be able to run on their own, and not feel that they can’t do it.

The pandemic and the cold, winter months haven’t slowed us down. Running Aunties already has 10 members since starting, and we run or walk in pairs so that we can continue to support each other whilst following government guidance and keeping each other safe.  

If you’d like to move more and need some help to get started why not try the Park Walk 8 week plan.