Covid-19 Scam Calls/Texts Alert

We are still getting reports from people who are receiving scam emails and text messages relating to the pandemic, in particular vaccinations and testing.

Scammers are sending out emails and text messages containing link to websites which appear genuine (such as NHS) and requesting you enter your details to receive the vaccine. There will then be a request for payment.

The vaccine is free – YOU WILL NEVER BE ASKED TO PAY.

Please do check the Ofcom website for further information about the scams that are in circulation. You can see examples of text messages and emails that are in circulation.

OFCOM Covid-19 related Scam calls and texts

Staying Well clients have also reported getting calls pretending to be BT and are going to cut off the phone line. This happened as many as 5 times in one case.

Amazon related scam calls are also on the rise. A report came for a call claiming to be from Amazon regarding a debt of £1000, prompting the recipient to press 1 or press 2. The phone number recorded is: 07318 999984.

Please do share this information with friends and family.

As Always:

  • Stay vigilant
  • Do not make decisions on the spot if you feel pressured
  • If something seems to good to be true, it probably is