Calderdale Libraries’ Harry Potter Book Night

The annual Harry Potter book event from  Calderdale Libraries is here once more, this time via the magic of the internet in your own home!

As Hogwarts is closed this year, all students are home-schooling and we are offering a virtual opportunity for learning.

  • Renowned Potion Masters Professor Bella Donner.
  • Clixxi and Blilk from Love Science have some new delights to share with you.
  • Professor Binns has some enthralling and enlightening tales to tell.
  • We are also being joined by twins and witches in training, Allegra and Minerva. They attend our sister school, the School of Spells (AKA ZooLab).
  • Allegra and Minerva will introduce their animal sidekicks.
  • It will be a wondrous evening of magical education.

All activities are pre-recorded and will be screened from 6pm on Thursday 4th February.

To join in the fun, please visit: Calderdale Libraries Facebook .

For video content after the event, please visit  Calderdale Libraries on YouTube