Riding a Bike in Calderdale

Why should I ride a bike in Calderdale?

You don’t have to be a regular cyclist to enjoy the benefits of riding a bike. They’re a great way to get around, have fun & see your local area in a new light. They’re low-impact and it’s easy to learn, making bike riding a great option for people of all ages and abilities.  

Replacing short car or bus journeys by jumping on your bike could help you to:

  • Improve your physical health – anything from just 30 minutes of activity per week can help you to get fitter and combat many long term conditions
  • Improve your mental health – studies show that increased physical activity can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Save time – Riding a bike means you won’t get stuck in traffic, and could replace time spent in the gym or similar
  • Save money – riding a bike is free! No more paying for petrol or parking
  • Save the environment – riding a bike more frequently will massively cut down on your emissions

Don’t just take it from us; we’ve spoken to some Calderdale residents who have seen it for themselves.

For more information see the Active Calderdale website