Thank you to the Neighbourhood Community Wardens!

Our Neighbourhood Community wardens LEE ACKROYD, JONNY CATO, ZAMEER  leeAKHTAR , MARY PRICE & ZOE DAVIS have been busy since the Hubs were set up helping, along with volunteers, in delivering a 7 days a week service to the residents of Calderdale with such things as dropping off food parcels & medical prescriptions to simply doing a welfare check at their home for the most vulnerable & isolated individuals and families across Calderdale to support them during these uncertain times.

Manu of them have been unable to leave their homes due to the lockdown and being asked to shield themselves for long periods which has been very challenging for them. The Neighbourhood Wardens have been there to support them throughout and will continue to do so as long as the residents need their support.

Thank you guys.


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