Activity, Health & Well Being – Reframing exercising – Zain’s story

Zain has become creative in overcoming the difficulty of being in the gym to exercise.

“During lockdown, my regular physical activity habits of going to the gym became non-existent once parliament declared closure of all leisure and fitness sites. For someone who loves going to the gym to relieve stress and escape from all the worries of everyday life, managing these everyday worries become more of a challenge. However, I took this opportunity to keep on track with my physical activity by focusing on using body weight exercises to build and maintain strength and muscle whilst at home.

 Over the past month, I have once again realised the benefits of body weight exercises, the convenience of a home workout taking very little time out of my day, and being within very close distance to the shower! It’s great! Requires little time and very convenient. I have also been out for more walks whilst maintaining social distancing, this has really made me appreciate the surrounding environments and the beautiful landscapes we luckily have here in Calderdale.

My work has also changed in recent months. From working for the Better Living Team and having an active role on the local community in promoting physical activity, health and wellbeing to now helping at the Volunteer Hub for Central Halifax. This has provided me the chance to really engage with those who are at risk of developing medical conditions and to reach out to those individuals who are directly affected by COVID-19. Having the chance to offer my skills and knowledge in becoming physically active and remaining healthy whilst at home has been a very rewarding part of this job, as well as signposting those to other services. I have found having this opportunity in having genuine conversations with residents affected by COVID-19 has been very rewarding and has contributed to improving my own mental wellbeing from actively making a difference in people’s lives in such unprecedented times.

 Having the opportunity to explore different ways of being physically active in the current situation with COVID and giving more attention to my mental wellbeing has definitely been a positive experience of this lockdown, despite all the current social limitations set by Government.”