VSI Alliance Announcement – COVID-19 support available

Barclays Launches £100m COVID-19 Community Aid Package
The Barclays Foundation will initially provide a COVID-19 Community Aid Package of £100 million to charities working to support vulnerable people impacted by COVID-19, and to alleviate the associated social and economic hardship caused by the crisis.

GrantsOnline List of COVID-19 Support Funds
A number of Community Foundations and other organisations have launched funding programmes to assist local organisations in responding to the challenges of the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Here you will find a list of organisations and the types of funding they have made available.

Locked Down or Self Isolating? You are not alone
If you or someone you know is struggling with isolation, financial hardship or cannot get out for essential provisions during this difficult time, there are people and organisations working across Calderdale who can help.

NCVO have taken off their member only restrictions from their web pages and resources during the COVID-19 response. That means you do not have to be an NCVO member to access a whole host of quality resources and information to help organisations during this time.

The Job Retention Scheme and Charity Rescue Package
NCVO have recently shared some insight into being in receipt of public funding with regards to the Job Retention Scheme.

Update on COVID-19 Charity Excellence Funder Database
Update from Ian McLintock of Charity Digital: The design specification and initial data build were completed over the weekend. There are nearly 400 entries, so far, with links to other COVID-19 funder lists, including niche and global funders.


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