Alipur Films present “No Fathers in Kashmir” a film by Ashvin Kumar

Square Chapel Arts Centre are screening No Fathers in Kashmir by the Oscar nominated director Ashvin Kumar on Sunday 26 January at 3pm.

The film tells the story of Noor (16),  a selfie-obsessed British teen who journeys to conflict torn Kashmir to visit grandparents she has never met. She is joined by Majid (16), a local Kashmiri boy and a tender fondness blossoms between this charming pair, pulled even closer together when Noor makes a sinister discovery: that both their fathers were probably tortured and killed during interrogations, making them ‘disappear’ decades ago in ‘crackdowns’ by the army. Noor and Majid’s mothers’ have since lived as ‘half-widows’ not knowing if their husbands are dead or alive as have both Noor and Majid as ‘half- orphans’ – the army denying involvement and refusing information, leaving entire families in limbo ever since. Noor and Majid set out to discover were their fathers may have ‘disappeared’ to and uncover the dark secrets of a region torn apart.


Ashvin Kumar is an Oscar nominated and two time national award winning independent filmmaker, who has written, directed and produced a range of films, including the documentaries Inshallah, Kashmir (National award) and Inshallah Football (Dubai Jury Prize, Pusan AND grant & official selection, Chicago Official Selection, National Award), feature film, The Forest (Raindance, Stiges), Road to Ladakh (Raindance, Vancouver) short film Little Terrorist (Oscar, EFA & BAFTA LA nominations, winner of Montreal, Tehran and 25 other festivals) which has been invited to over 200 film festivals.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with Ashvin Kumar.

Tickets are available here