C&K Careers 4 day workshops for alternatives to college and sixth form

Thinking of dropping out of college or sixth form? Need a new plan?

If you or someone you know has decided that college or sixth form isn’t your thing. C&K Careers advisers can help you figure out a new plan, training, apprenticeships, different course or college – there are lots of options out there for you. Drop in to Halifax Careers Centre on Alexandra Street, Halifax or call us on 01422 754300.

  Want to try something new and get into work? C&K careers logo

Gain confidence, become more self-aware and start considering employment options.

The 4 half day workshops will include a variety of activities and discussion to help you know yourself a bit better.

  • What motivates you – what’s important to you?
  • What you are good at – your strengths.
  • How you like to learn – are you an observer or talker?!
  • What Next – You decide…..
  • You will keep a record after each workshop of what you’ve done.
  • There are no right or wrongs here – it’s all about you!

Contact Dominique to find out more 07812971816