On Wednesday 27th June, our team together with Halifax North & East, Calderdale’s Safer, Cleaner, Greener team and  Countryside , got together for a day of planning in  Shrogg’s Valley.  As part of the Park ward neighbourhood plan, they have received funding from the postcode lottery to look at regeneration the area.  The valley which is a former tip, that closed in the 1970’s, is a popular walk way from Park through to Wheatley. Recently with funding the group have provided new picnic benches as well as the start of a  new pathway from Hebble Lane entrance.

Children from the neighbouring wards joined us, from Lee Mount and Mount Pellon School’s. The youngsters were asked to give their ideas for the valley and what they would like to see, there were some interesting suggestions from an insect hotel, bird hide, dog drinking area, to a water park, café, hold a circus/festival!

The countryside team provided entertainment with kite building and a nature walk which involved catching butterflies. The children were then asked to decorate the route with  wind charms.

Members of the Park Neighbourhood Board including Councillors Jenny Lynn and Mohammad Naeem, were present to talk to a number of residents who came down to discuss the regeneration project, including some dog walkers who were passing and saw the activities.

We are currently awaiting to hear on more funding to finish off the pathway that runs from Pellon Lane (near Crossley Retail Park) through to Hebble Lane in Wheatley. We also looking at accessing further funding from Sita and BIFFA awards.

For more information about the Shroggs Valley project contact Park Neighbourhood Board on 01422365948.


Plans-a-plenty for Shroggs Valley regeneration project