Branching Out in Bradford and Calderdale

Calderdale Lower Valley blog

Branching Out have taken part in a new initiative in Bradford as part of DISC (Developing Initiatives for Support in the Community) to meet with Positive Futures in Calderdale and Bradford to move forward in Alcohol Awareness Week 2017.

Branching Out is a confidential alcohol, drug and tobacco service provided by DISC. It is for all young people under 21 in Calderdale. They work with young people who are using alcohol, drugs, tobacco or solvents at any level, and those at risk of using substances, including standalone stop smoking services for under 18’s.

Branching Out offers a flexible service for young people with a wide range of services on offer. Providing honest, accurate advice and information, they support young people to a work closely with other health providers such as Sexual Health, and workers are available in the CASH (Contraception and Sexual Health) clinics at Broad Street Plaza Health Centre.

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