Our Communities Award 2017: Community Involvement Award – WINNER ANNOUNCED!

IMG_6796WINNER: Hafiz Zaheer Iqbal Qadri

Hafiz Zaheer Iqbal Qadri, the leading Imam of Jami Nodrani mosque on Gibraltar Road has been an important figure in developing young people into iconic community members. Hafiz has over the last 30 years enhanced the education of youth and elderly and has taught memorisation of the Quran to over 25 youngsters.

Encouraging each youngster to maintain their schooling and education, under his guidance he has helped young people to become doctors, dentists, chemists and solicitors, as well as other professions.

Hafiz is an active and highly influential member of his community and his achievements are well recognised by citizens of Halifax who know him.

We are very pleased to announce that Hafiz is the winner of the 2017 Community Involvement Award.