Police and partners: Operation Hawmill tackling the roads in west central Halifax…

Officers from Halifax teamed up with a number of other agencies this week for a day of action targeted within the St John’s area of the town.

Police officers were joined by additional Special Constables on Thursday March 16 during the 8 hour crack down in the area.  

Working in partnership with Council Wardens, Parking Services, Taxi Licensing and the Roads Policing Unit the team spent the day focussing on issues such as tackling the fatal four offences (Operation Hawmill), parking outside schools and inconsiderate parking. 

Throughout the day officers and the teams were highly visible speaking to members of the community and motorists in the area.

 n the day;

  • 15 taxis were stopped and checked by the Force and Council’s Taxi Licensing Team
  • 16 Vulnerable vehicles were identified and crime prevention advice given
  • 10 traffic offence reports were issued
  • 1 stolen vehicle was recovered, 1 person was arrested on an outstanding warrant and 1 person was arrested for failing to stop and dangerous driving.

Ward Officer, PC Sarah Hanson who coordinated the day of action said; “The day of action was focussing on some of the issues that the community have raised with us, especially around the schools with parking regularly being a cause for concern amongst teachers, parents and students. Dealing with offences when they occur is only part of what we’re about, by speaking to people about their actions, and offering advice to help people to make safer choices about protecting their properties, wearing seat belts when driving and using their vehicles responsibly, alongside our partners we can really help to make the area safer and more enjoyable for everyone who lives and works here.”

Sergeant Ben Doughty said; “Activities such as the day of action re-emphasise our commitment to the community that we are listening to their concerns and taking positive action about the things that really matter to them. We know that issues affecting the roads, whether that be parking near schools or inconsiderate parking cause real concern and frustration in communities. We want to keep everyone who uses the roads safe, and take positive action against drivers who potentially put people at risk through their inconsiderate and irresponsible actions.

Operation Hawmill has continued to run across the District with over 160 traffic offences recorded, over 40 vehicles seized and 9 section 59 warnings for antisocial driving issued by the team in January and February alone. I would encourage people to keep talking to us about issues they face and together, with our partners we can continue to take appropriate action to make our communities safer.”

 If you have any concerns about any of the issues raised or any queries please contact the Neighbourhood Policing Team via 101.