Burglary Can Ruin Your Christmas…protect your home this season

Burglaries often increase around Christmas time, when burglars know that 131225135901-christmas-burglary-620xahomes will be full of lots of new things.

Keep your home secure this festive period by following the below crime prevention tips:

  • Always keep doors and windows locked, remove the keys from the lock and don’t leave them on view.
  • Use timer switches on lights to keep your home looking occupied when you are out
  • Remember to close your curtains or blinds when you’re out of the house in the evening.
  • Don’t put Christmas presents under the tree before you need to.
  • Make sure valuables are not left on show – i.e. laptops, tablets, phones and put the charger/power cables out of view
  • Take packaging from Christmas gifts to be recycled, don’t advertise what you’ve got to burglars
  • If you’re going on holiday ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your house and move any post that might build up.

Click here for more information.

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