Budget Consultation 2015 – HCI Update

We are into the fourth week of the Council’s budget consultation and HCI staff budgethave been out and about getting your views and helping you have your say. Over the past fortnight we have had 3 wards forums, attended fresher’s fayre, went to an opening of a staying well hub, attended the King Cross fire Station open day, dropped in at 8 groups and passed surveys on to anyone we meet! If you are part of a community group or your staff, team, neighbours, family would like to fill in get in touch, or here are some others ways to get involved:

Do it online – go to yourbudget and complete a quick questionnaire, or have a go at balancing the budget, submit your ideas for saving by playing with the Budget Simulator

We will also be giving out surveys at various locations in Calderdale, if you would like some hardcopies please get in touch. Let’s all have a say, take part now!