Halifax Minster hosts Fashion Show for Refugee Week

Refugee Week Calderdale are organizing a fashion show from 1pm til 3pm on Saturday 7 June at Halifax Minster.

This fashion show forms part of our Refugee Week celebrations.  Refugee Week aims to dispel myths surrounding migration, refugees and asylum seekers by celebrating diversity and cultural influences resulting from the movement of people across the planet. To read more click here

The fashion show is in two parts, with music from local musicians as well as world music and dance.  I the first part we are inviting people to share their culture, dressing in traditional or contemporary fashion from their home countries.  If you have an outfit that you feel depicts your culture we would love to hear from you.

The second part of the show is looking at costumes fashioned by nature. These costumes are currently under construction in the workshops.  Groups of people are working together to learn about costume design, sewing, knitting and other techniques.  We are using a wide range of recycled fabrics and materials.  Its something quite different and unusual, but the groups are friendly and fun.

If you would like to take part either by modeling, or by coming along to the workshops, please get in touch.  Audrey Smith 07929 291 249 or e mail refugeeweekcalderdale@gmail.com

There will be refreshments available and information about Labour Behind the Label, any donations will go to this charity. We are very grateful for the funding received from Calderdale Community Foundation.

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