Walking Tours in Halifax

There two walking tours coming up in Halifax. Both with the Vice Chair of Halifax Civic Trust, David Glover.

The first walking tour is taking place on Saturday the 3rd of June at 6.30pm and is entitled OLD BUILDINGS, SOLDIERS, ROYALTY, AND CIVIC TRUST GREEN PLAQUES.

The walking tour is a fund raising walk for Halifax Civic Trust and the tickets are only £5! To book click here.

The second walk is being run by the West Yorkshire group of the Victorian Society and is call The Crossley Heritage Walk on the 20th of May, from 2.00pm until 4.30pm. Again the tickets are only £5!

This is an uphill walk of just over 1km from Halifax town centre and slightly further from the railway station. Booking is via email. Please email: geoffhughes56@aol.co.uk