Moral Economy Conference at Halifax Minster October 25

An event to learn about moral economy and its relevance to policy and practice for policy, businesses and citizens.

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Tuesday October 25th from 9am to 15.30

The idea of a moral economy is not new. However, as we learn more about the climate crisis, plastic pollution, and our unprecedented scale of impact on the natural world, we become ever more concerned that something needs to be done.

Gone are the days when we paid attention only to the price of the things we buy. Today we want to know whether there was any child labour involved, whether human rights were violated, whether our consumption is causing irreparable damage to the communities producing the things we are consuming.

Many people are arguing that moral values such as equality, empathy, solidarity and co-operation should determine the behaviours of individuals and institutions rather than material interests. These issues are of immense interest to faith communities and to people of no faith as well.

This conference aims to give us an opportunity to reflect on these profound issues and to identify practical ways to apply these in our contexts.