Covid – 19 Boosters – Autumn 2022

Like all vaccines, the protection offered by the COVID vaccinations will decrease over time.
Autumn boosters are an extra dose of the vaccine that is given to ‘boost’ protection against
the virus and ensure those at greatest risk from COVID-19 are protected.

Although the COVID-19 vaccines have made it possible to return to the lives we knew before
the pandemic began, the virus is still with us and is still making people very ill. Winter is the
season when the threat from COVID-19 is greatest for individuals and communities as
viruses spread much more easily, so it is important that everyone eligible tops up their
protection with an autumn booster.

Who is eligible
• People who live and work in care homes for older adults
• People aged 50 and over.
• Frontline health and social care workers.
• People aged 5-49 who have a weakened immune system (immunosuppressed)
• People aged 5-49 with a health condition that puts them at increased risk from COVID
• People aged 5-49 who live with someone who is immunosuppressed
• Pregnant women
• People aged 16-49 who are carers

You can read the full leaflet here