Community Provision supporting health and wellbeing – new fund launched

Calderdale Cares Community Programme Board (3CPB)
We are excited to announce that the Calderdale Cares Community Programme Board (3CPB) has received funding to support the creation of new and innovative ideas that will support the development of our community sector.

As a Board we want to people to live healthier lives in healthy places all across Calderdale. This additional money presents a great opportunity for us to explore new ideas on the delivery of community services and how they can make a positive contribution to people’s lives.

To do this, the Calderdale Cares Community Programme Board is now inviting bids from across the system on how we can develop community services. We are particularly interested in ideas that involve the following:
• New and innovative ideas and why you feel this is important
• Clear on who the beneficiaries will be and how they can be involved
• Clear on how the beneficiaries will notice the positive change
• Involves collaboration and working together with other providers
• Makes the best use of our existing skills and assets in Calderdale
• How the positive changes can be embedded into our future ways of working
The Calderdale Cares Community Programme Board has established a panel with
representation from across Partnership to coordinate the process – see the
supporting attachments on how to develop and capture your ideas.

Please send your completed proformas to Shabana Kausar at before 28th October 2022
If you want to discuss your ideas further, then do not hesitate to contact any of the Funding subgroup members on: –

  • Dr Helen Davies –
  • Debs Harkins –
  • Vicky Hattersley –
  • Rhona Radley –
  • Julie Robinson –
  • Tim Shields –
  • Paul Sharp –

The full document can be downloaded here

The comments form can be downloaded here