The Lowdown on the COVID-19 vaccine: Periods and Fertility

The team at The Lowdown has teamed up with NHS colleagues to host an online chat with the super brilliant Dr Viki Male and Dr Fatima Husain to discuss the latest research on the COVID-19 vaccine, fertility and periods.

We all know this remains one of people’s top concerns and there’s a lot of questioning around the effects of the vaccine on these. So this is a great chance for people to address lingering concerns or doubts about the risk of changes to the menstrual cycle, if the vaccine will affect their contraception, or if the vaccine will affect their chances to conceive after vaccination (Spoiler: there’s no evidence of that). 

In case you haven’t seen these two in previous discussions about this over the past year or so (where have you been?): 

  • Dr Viki Male has spent several years looking at the immune reactions in the uterus, and is the current foremost quoted specialist on COVID-19’s affects on fertility, pregnancy and periods in the UK. She currently works as a Lecturer in Reproductive Immunology at Imperial College London. Check out: @VikiLovesFACS

And Dr Fatima Husain is a leading gynaecologist and obstetrician with advanced specialist training in IVF and infertility. With over 30 years experience, Fatima manages Windsor Gynaecology & Fertility, and is Lead Clinician for the Fertility Service at Heatherwood and Wexham Park hospitals

The session will be on Zoom – anyone wanting to join should sign up here via the blog survey joining details and to receive a recording afterwards.