Happy Birthday Staying Well !

It’s been 7 years since Staying Well was formed and whilst they tiptoed around their birthday, we’d like to give them a round of applause for bringing a valuable service to Calderdale!

Staying Well has been a warm, caring hand, reaching out to those who have found themselves isolated.

During the last months that are slowly but surely turning to years, amidst Covid uncertainty and consecutive lockdowns, their telephone befriending service has been an infallible presence for many, helping out with practical support, finding social outlets where available and being a much needed listening ear.

To celebrate their birthday, Staying Well would like to roll out their new, practical support Community Fund which is open to applications!

This fund is aimed to starting and existing organisations, targeting loneliness and social isolation, particularly delivering services for COVID support.

For more information on the Staying Well Community fund, contact the team on stayingwellproject@calderdale.gov.uk

We do believe that sometimes all you need is a cuppa and a chat.

With today’s brew, let’s have a slice of cake as well and spare a moment to wish Staying Well a Happy Birthday!