Calderdale Council’s A-Board Policy Scrutiny Panel – Tuesday 26th October – All Welcome

Halifax Society For the Blind: Calderdale Council’s – A-Board Policy – Scrutiny Panel – Tuesday 26th October – All Welcome – *Important Meeting* 

The cabinet recently approved a new policy around A-Boards, which as you probably know, are designed to catch your attention by causing an obstruction on the pavement, and this causes major issues to people with sight loss, who encounter unexpected objects whilst going around outside. This also impacts on many other groups, including people with children, or those who need – or even want to walk in line with one another.

Cluttering up the pavements with signage and other forms of furniture has increased since the Pandemic. RNIB research has found that injury caused by A-Boards and other pavement obstructions is a reality shared in the lives of people with sight loss. At HSB, we are not a campaigning organisation, but there is an opportunity to change this policy, in favour of a ban on A-Boards. This is already in place in Bradford, Leeds, most of York, and partially in Kirklees.

Calderdale Council’s Adults Health and Social Care Scrutiny Panel have agreed to look into this in depth, and take comments from those attending the zoom meeting. They have the power to refer this decision back to Cabinet, to work through something more sensible.

You have a chance to influence the policy, by attending, and if you feel able, giving your own experience of such obstructions. Time is being put aside for this, and we hope that what you have to say will cause the Council to consider.

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Date and Time 
Tuesday, 26th October, 2021 Time: 6.00 pm hours.

Location: Online – Zoom or YouTube.
To attend the meeting Via ZOOM – Email to receive a Zoom Link.

You can watch the meetings progress live on YouTube, using the following link:
There is no need to sign in – just visit YouTube and look for Calderdale Council Live.