What’s happening at HOT – October 2021

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A woman and toddler sat facing each other in a sunny windowsill and a comfy blanket. The woman is leaning forwards and the toddler has their hands on the woman's face

Our colleagues working in our Children & Families teams know the benefits of adopting a multi-agency approach to families with complex needs. By creating a wrap-round team of specialists that treat families as individuals we often find that outcomes are far better as there is less chance of people ‘falling through the net’. This was certainly the case for Jody and her family.

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The second ever Park Ward History Month is underway and our Community & Wellbeing team would love to hear from people working or living in Park Ward who wish to take part in our Pioneers of Park project.

The project tracks the history of some of our areas most prominent and influential characters over the years. If you’d like more information simply get in touch with Ilyas Najib at Hanson Lane Enterprise Centre.

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HOT Networking returns to Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre next Thursday.

Lou Berry, founder of Chatterbox Digital, joins us for a fun and interactive workshop that will up your Instagram game and leave you feeling confident in your content.

If you struggle to know your Reels from your Fleets, are tired of Twitter, fed-up of Facebook or are simply in a social media rut, this is the perfect opportunity to get re-inspired, share your questions and hear from one of the best on how embracing social media can transform your bottom line … for the better. Register for free today.

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We currently have a number of opportunities to join one of our many teams here at Halifax Opportunities Trust. Current vacancies include opportunities within our employment teams and inclusive integration teams so take a look at our jobs board for more information.
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