People’s Park Problems

We have recently been contacted by several members of the public about the number of rats currently being seen in
People’s Park.

We would like to assure everybody that we are working hard to rectify the problem, however we need the public’s help to do this.

Please do not put down food of any kind in the park for the birds, this includes left overs and actual bird feed which the rats are quite happy to eat. If we can eliminate their food source then we will reduce their numbers.

One thought on “People’s Park Problems

  1. It isn’t just in the park there is 13 litter bins in that park ALL get remnants of takeaways etc left in them and the rats are in the bins when we empty them and it’s no fun going to empty a bin when rats jump out.
    20 years ago we hadn’t this problem because household refuse was collected more frequently and not left on the streets like now.
    People’s park is centred in a growing fast food area too which doesn’t help.
    Fining won’t happen because who is going to monitor the park from 8am until 7pm seven days a week?.
    What we need is vermin proof litter bins to protect staff but nobody is interested in this which they should do as that’s half the problem.


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